I've seen blue skies

Through the tears in my eyes

Retro wackiness
I want to be Truman Capote when I grow up
I can speak French
I have an MC Hammer Barbie doll
I've seen the Mona Lisa
I'm Hungarian
My great-grandpa was lost at sea
I can dance en pointe
Derek Jeter once looked at me
I've been to the Daytime Emmys
I have gypsy blood
I've yelled at Tom Hanks at the Louvre during Da Vinci code filming
I've walked across Abbey Road
I have two stolen mini hotel bamboo plants
I've put my hands in Marilyn Monroe, Peter Sellers, Gregory Peck, and Jack Nicholson's handprints
I've taken Latin...and loved it
I LOVE the infomercial for Time/Life's country collection, hosted by Kenny Rogers. And the Magic Bullet one!
I've been face-to-face with a tiger
I've been raised in a Japanese family
I will forever love the movie Donovan's Reef
I was cast as Liesl in my school's Sound of Music. Then, the school board went on strike.
I've gone out for Halloween as the yellow Power Ranger
Ive walked to the top of the Eiffel Tower
I always cry in Casper. Always.
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